Detached Garages

Increase Storage Space With a Detached Garage & Home Additions

Get A Customized Detached Garage In Haughton & Bossier City, Louisiana

If you want to add to your home without breaking the bank or changing its structural integrity, contact Ram-Z Construction about building a detached garage. Our brick detached garages can be tailored to your unique needs and used for:

  • Parking
  • Storage
  • Workshops
  • Play Areas
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Don’t have the space for a traditional garage? Want to build a workshop that isn’t too close to your home for safety purposes? Ram-Z Construction has the perfect solution. We have extensive experience designing and building detached garages. Discuss your ideas and budget for the project with our team. We’ll recommend the best materials for your new build and design a layout that will best suit your needs and financial situation. Our contractors can completely customize your detached garage, so don’t hesitate to make any special requests-we’re up for the challenge!

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